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What I Don’t Know


Where to begin?

As many of my friends have repeatedly observed, I’m loathe to admit pain, the defining personality characteristic of an Eight according to the Enneagram model, I’m reliably informed.  In this case, the pain is ‘lack of knowledge’.

However, I’m liberating myself of the marketing consultant’s burdensome, perceived Cloak of Omniscience. I wish I knew everything, alas I do not, and at the risk of losing out on future contracts, I think it only fair to share some of the areas I know spectacularly little about:

  • SEO. Sometimes described as a Dark Art, I have no success stories in developing a winning SEO strategy. My lack of success has made me hugely sceptical of anyone who professes special or secret knowledge of how to guarantee results. I know the basics but that’s about it.
  • Media buying. Not my bag. I’ve never done it and I have no desire to start now. There’s lots of people who make big money buying media. I am not one of them.
  • Statistical modelling. I’ve studied stats and certainly feel comfortable with numbers in general as part of my day-to-day business activities, but I admit: I’m a words man. Developing complex models and algorithms to help predict sales and customer behaviour is something I leave to the experts.
  • Video (& photo) blogging. I’ve got a solid background in news writing and gathering, and have been blogging for years, but I simply haven’t done much work with still or moving imagery outside the corporate communications arena, and even then only dealing with them as assets, rather then fundamental pieces to the storytelling.
  • TV commercial production. My focus has been on developing online applications and experiences; I’ve steered clear of the TV commercial route. In truth, it doesn’t interest me much.
  • IPTV.  This somewhat follows on from the TV note above; my path has been more words and graphical than moving image, but I’m hugely interested in IPTV, I just don’t have any experience with it.  I hope this changes in the year ahead.
  • Esoteric UXD. Actually, UXD does fall into my wheelhouse, but I’m talking about the super-duper kind, the PhD stuff which blows me away.  I am a trained designer, so I can speak IA and UXD no problem; when it comes to advanced behavioural patterns, I’m out of my depth big time.

This is not an exhaustive list and it doesn’t mean I’ve mastered anything not included, far from it; these are just some of the topics which often come up in my conversations with clients and I have to put my hand up to my lack of knowledge.

This list will no doubt be updated as I learn more about what I don’t know.

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  1. 6 November, 2009 at 01:09

    Entertaining post. Completely valueless. But entertaining.

  2. dkb
    6 November, 2009 at 17:46

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion; at least I publish comments.

  3. moraf
    18 November, 2009 at 15:16

    “When a man came to converse with Socrates, he usually thought that he had a fair knowledge of what he was talking about. But after half an hour of Socrates’ questioning, he discovered that he knew nothing at all – and at that moment, Socrates explained, his philosophical quest could begin.

    Socrates maintained that wisdom consisted of the disorienting realisation of the profundity of human ignorance.”

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