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Enter Quora

18 January, 2011 Leave a comment

After being inundated with follow notifications, I suspect it’s time to seriously consider Quora, an online Q&A service which attempts to connect the curious with the knowledgable.  It’s not the first one; Yahoo! Answers being perhaps the most prominent, but it’s certainly the hottest property in the game right now, earning plenty of press and lots of kudos.  And, judging by the avalanche of activity I’ve been exposed to, Quora is so hot, it’s smoking. Read more…

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Plenty to Compare, Ready the Next Challenge for Insurance Comparison Websites

22 April, 2010 1 comment

Despite your mean-spirited annoyance at television adverts ceaseless braying of insurance comparison web sites, the cacophony is masking a more important commercial reality: these have been jocund days for the industry. There’s nothing like a downturn to focus consumers minds on saving money and the industry has seen big winners in terms of traffic and profit.

Blessed be UK consumers; when it comes to saving a bob on insurance we are spoiled for choice. There’s excruciating hand-drawn crazy man (, bewildering Meerkats (, a grindingly-ubiquitous tenor ( and, depressingly, middle class boring ( and That’s hardly the full list, but it’s enough. Read more…

Be Disappointed. Protest. But You Will Buy an Apple iPad

6 February, 2010 Leave a comment

Far be it for me to advise you to otherwise follow your instinct and be either disappointed, subdued or even downright antagonistic towards the Apple iPad.

It’s inevitable such hype surrounding the launch of a physical piece of kit will inspire these emotions and more. Yet when the dust settles, after all the bloggers and pundits have their say, the ultimate verdict will be inevitable: the iPad is yet another inspired offering from Apple.

Mr. Jobs – no dummy when it comes to product development – got the obvious out the way immediately during his January launch presentation: there is a gaping hole between the fixed, large investment hardware of a desktop or laptop computer and the nimble, pocket-sized mobile phone. Read more…

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Kindle: Champion of the World

18 January, 2010 1 comment

Image of the Kindle in a white man's hand.One of the delightful presents I received for Christmas 2009 is the Amazon Kindle (dear you-know-who: thank you very much!).

I’m not new to this kind of device: in 2006 I enjoyed putting the first generation Sony Reader through its paces. I loved the reading experience; it’s a shame everything else about the Sony Reader was poor.

From the cumbersome software to the closed technology which severely restricted the types of files it would display, the entire offering was seriously flawed. To add injury to insult, the Reader died after about 2 months of use. D-e-a-d dead.

The experience put me off purchasing another e-reader and, being a somewhat snobbish Sony fanboy, I had turned up my nose when considering the Kindle. Read more…

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Marketing Innovation Cannot be Outsourced

7 December, 2009 Leave a comment

Photo by Perrimoon

A chorus of voices raised across every mix of media urges brands – large and small – to compete on innovation.


New products, new services, new marketing techniques. Hundreds of books, thousands of blogs and millions of tweets espouse the path to commercial nirvana is paved with magical mystery of clever new craftsmanship.

For today’s marketer the message is even more direct: use innovative channels and tactics or risk losing ground to your competitor.

But while the pursuit of the Next Big Thing has forever been a key to creating better products, companies are increasingly competing along a new dimension: marketing innovation.

It’s seen in dynamic digital promotions; clever web applications; high-profile social media campaigns; or the deployment of any number of web-based communications tools. The range of activity is wide and marketing teams need help. Read more…

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The Marketing Agency Dilemma

4 December, 2009 1 comment

Those running marketing agencies today face a crushing dilemma.  Of course there are the usual challenges: a surfeit of competitors, including large, lumbering giants and hungry startups; a shortage of creative business problem-solvers; and an unforgiving economic climate squeezing everyone, client and supplier alike.

Even considering all this, the chief problem is not one of opportunity: more brands than ever need all the help they can get when it comes to delivering on their marketing promise.

The definitive challenge for agencies today is strategic: where to compete. Read more…

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