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To Lift the Gloom, Baby Boomers Must Die

6 February, 2010 2 comments

There is but one doubtless conclusion: a single path leads us out of these moribund days, darkened and close from war, pestilence, scandal, mistrust and fear.

We are doomed to this unyielding night until Baby Boomers are no more.

It is the only explanation that makes sense: Baby Boomers, the largest living crop of humans around, must be suffering a subconscious trauma, an abstract pain of dangerous proportions. It’s for this reason our society seems in a perpetual funk, unable to escape the brooding and malevolent cloud lingering above us all.

I’m sympathetic, for sure; indeed, were I to suffer such so much repeated disappointment as this generation, I’d be feeling blue too. Read more…

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Be Disappointed. Protest. But You Will Buy an Apple iPad

6 February, 2010 Leave a comment

Far be it for me to advise you to otherwise follow your instinct and be either disappointed, subdued or even downright antagonistic towards the Apple iPad.

It’s inevitable such hype surrounding the launch of a physical piece of kit will inspire these emotions and more. Yet when the dust settles, after all the bloggers and pundits have their say, the ultimate verdict will be inevitable: the iPad is yet another inspired offering from Apple.

Mr. Jobs – no dummy when it comes to product development – got the obvious out the way immediately during his January launch presentation: there is a gaping hole between the fixed, large investment hardware of a desktop or laptop computer and the nimble, pocket-sized mobile phone. Read more…

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Kindle: Champion of the World

18 January, 2010 1 comment

Image of the Kindle in a white man's hand.One of the delightful presents I received for Christmas 2009 is the Amazon Kindle (dear you-know-who: thank you very much!).

I’m not new to this kind of device: in 2006 I enjoyed putting the first generation Sony Reader through its paces. I loved the reading experience; it’s a shame everything else about the Sony Reader was poor.

From the cumbersome software to the closed technology which severely restricted the types of files it would display, the entire offering was seriously flawed. To add injury to insult, the Reader died after about 2 months of use. D-e-a-d dead.

The experience put me off purchasing another e-reader and, being a somewhat snobbish Sony fanboy, I had turned up my nose when considering the Kindle. Read more…

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Musical Reflections: Christmas Project 2009

2 January, 2010 2 comments

It feels somewhat cynical to write about a cinematic endeavour in the context of a personal fight against climate change, but these are two topics brought together by strange circumstances: my Christmas Project 2009, recently completed.

I thought I might share my reflections on my experience. Read more…

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Best Films: 2000 – 2009

28 December, 2009 Leave a comment

What a decade of film, particularly for the aficionado of the sci-fi and fantasy genres which got a much-needed boost of quality, thanks mostly to the vastly improved technology available all levels of film makers, but also due to the bar being set incredibly high with the arrival of the Matrix and the unbelievable Lord of the Rings trilogies.

I’ve looked back at the films I’ve seen this decade and considered them across several distinctions – quality, script, acting, score and the always-difficult-to-assess emotional impact.  Of course, my opinion is just that, but I’ll have a go anyway. Read more…

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Save Football, Save Our Souls

20 November, 2009 Leave a comment

Photograph: Marko Djurica/Reuters

I admit it: I’ve taken the outcome of the farcical World Cup 2010 playoff between France and Ireland more seriously than I ought. My smug, albeit neutral, perch affords me the lofty position of unbiased – and therefore the harshest possible – judgement.

Thierry Henry’s shameful handling in the lead-up to the final French coup de grace, reminiscent more of a touch-down in rugby than the usually prescribed path to soccer goal scoring, leaves even the non-partizan reeling in contempt.

The incident has been described as the ultimate expression of human frailty; for the referees, whose experience and good sense abandoned their eyes at the crucial moment; for the French players, whose desire to win at all costs cruelly hijacked their common decency; and for the spectator, neutral and invested alike, who have been left roiling or rollicking to face a long, cold winter digesting the ugly and inescapable realisation that – regardless France’s performance in next year’s World Cup – the outcome is immutably corrupted. Read more…

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It’s Doomed to Fail But I Like FourSquare Anyway

30 October, 2009 1 comment

Icon - Super MayorIn the very early 1990s America, my friend Eric and I revelled in the then-advanced technology of Laser Disc.  I’ve included a link to its Wikipedia entry as I’m guessing a few people will have no idea what Laser Discs are, having skipped that generation of technology entirely.

Eric and I stared, rapt, at the glorious picture delivered in delectable elegance on a magical disc.  It ditched all the horribleness of VHS – the dodgy picture, the interminable rewinding and the fragile tape – and bestowed crystal clear images, instant chapter skipping and full THX-like sound. Read more…