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Enter Quora

18 January, 2011 Leave a comment

After being inundated with follow notifications, I suspect it’s time to seriously consider Quora, an online Q&A service which attempts to connect the curious with the knowledgable.  It’s not the first one; Yahoo! Answers being perhaps the most prominent, but it’s certainly the hottest property in the game right now, earning plenty of press and lots of kudos.  And, judging by the avalanche of activity I’ve been exposed to, Quora is so hot, it’s smoking. Read more…

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It’s Doomed to Fail But I Like FourSquare Anyway

30 October, 2009 1 comment

Icon - Super MayorIn the very early 1990s America, my friend Eric and I revelled in the then-advanced technology of Laser Disc.  I’ve included a link to its Wikipedia entry as I’m guessing a few people will have no idea what Laser Discs are, having skipped that generation of technology entirely.

Eric and I stared, rapt, at the glorious picture delivered in delectable elegance on a magical disc.  It ditched all the horribleness of VHS – the dodgy picture, the interminable rewinding and the fragile tape – and bestowed crystal clear images, instant chapter skipping and full THX-like sound. Read more…

Facebook Fan Pages: the Future? Er, no

9 October, 2009 Leave a comment

I generally enjoy the Church of the Customer blog and I don’t knock Ben McConnell, whose passion is admirable.

But his piece, Facebook fan pages are the future makes a leap which – aside from presenting a world vision of marketing I assiduously wish to avoid – strikes me as having little chance of coming true.

McConnell writes:

“When fans interact with a fan page on Facebook, that interaction is sent through the fan’s news feed, which goes to all their friends, practically daring a chunk of them to see what the page is about.

Compared to Twitter, Facebook fan pages rule. You’re not limited by Twitter’s 140-character posts, plus it’s far easier for fan page members to preview a photo, video or weblink than what Twitter offers.

What more could a brand manager want?”

Plenty. Authenticity; credibility; and even value spring to mind.  I firmly describe these types of promotional pages on social media sites as extensions of corporate blogs, which we all know finish dead last in terms of consumer credibility. Read more…

Blog’s Eye View

7 July, 2007 2 comments

Having spent the better part 10 years publishing in many digital forms, I continually enjoy watching friends and colleagues discover blogging and, in turn, delight in connecting with others online.  Numerous, ubiquitous social network sites deliver simple publishing tools to whole societies, scaling what was the domain of geeks into a mass-market proposition.

Some reject blogging entirely, which is their right.  But millions have taken virtual pen to paper and, consequently, prompted corporations looking for competitive advantage to investigate how to best employ this activity for profit. Read more…

Blogging Through the (Online) Clutter

3 July, 2007 Leave a comment

Slowly, inexorably, a relentless avalanche of invasive digital marketing is crowding our professional consciousness. 

Between e-mails, feeds, our Blackberries and text messages, businesses find themselves in danger of losing their voices in a market, literally, drowned in noise.  To cut through this clutter, companies are turning to digital tools, such as blogs, to help make meaningful connections with customers. Read more…

Social Network Strategy

7 June, 2007 Leave a comment

We create and consume it at an incredible rate, social media is a fitting reflection of our fascination with the engorged lifestyles of 15-minute celebrities.  From Big Brother to big business, we are chattering endlessly about the daily goss like never before.  Social media is at the heart of this free-wheeling exchange, a digital surrogate for real-world community interactions and it includes any activity connecting people through participation and dialogue. Read more…